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The Liver

Did you know that the skin is a window to the liver??? If a person has skin problems, most often they will clear up with a good liver cleanse.

Some of the first signs of liver disharmony include: anger, impatience, frustration, resentment, violence, belligerence, rudeness, edginess, arrogance, stubbornness, aggression and an impulsive and/or explosive personality.

Detoxification -- The liver is well known for its capability of detoxifying or by excreting into the bile many different drugs, including sulfonamides, penicillin, ampicillin, erythromycin, and many others.

In a similar manner, several of the different hormones secreted by the endocrine glands are either chemically altered or excreted by the liver, including thyroxine and essentially all the steroid hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, and aldosterone.

Therefore, liver damage or sluggishness can often lead to excess accumulation of one or more of these hormones in the body fluids and thus can cause over-activity of the hormonal systems.

The liver has 960 plus functions. It purifies the blood, it is a storehouse for your glucose, it also removes excess hormones, and performs many other vital functions. If the liver is sluggish then it cannot properly filter out the toxins in our blood. The unfiltered toxins may cause symptoms of fatigue, allergies, headaches, etc.
How and When should You Cleanse Your Liver?

The traditional time for drinking Liver Tonics or Blood Purifiers, as they are called, is in the spring and the fall of the year.

In the spring, fresh greens and barks that emerge after the long winter help replenish the system and get the energy moving again.

I have used a simple and effective Liver Cleanse protocol for years. It will take you only 1 week and You don't have to stay at home or near a bathroom, it is easy to do and can be fun for the whole family!
I would wait until the weather warms up a bit to do this cleanse….but don't wait too long to get started!
Email me at drbontravis@gmail.com for your Liver Cleanse Instruction sheet or click here to download the pdf file.

If You are ready to Start Your Liver Cleanse, the herbs can be purchased online at www.bonnietravisdc.com or www.arnicaflower.com


Dr. Bonnie Travis
Chiropractor/Herbalist ~ Palmer Graduate 1984

Website: www.BonnieTravisDC.com & www.arnicaflower.com.

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