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Inflammation and The Role of Essential Fatty Acids
and dietary Fats in Our Diets

Everyday I am asked questions regarding this condition and that condition; there are supplements for everything under the sun. What I have discovered is that there is: 

  1. No magic pill for any disease or condition
  2. There is never just ONE thing that causes or cures any disease or condition
  3. That our diets have been so contaminated that it is hard for our bodies to get well on it’s own.
  4. We have lost our natural ability to choose those foods and herbs that can help us get back into balance.

 Here are some helpful hints regarding your diet and ways to reduce inflammation: 

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

    1. Vegetables, herb/spices, fruits, nuts (especially walnuts), roots, tubers and oils derived from the same,
      such as olive oil, walnut oil and coconut oil
    2. Protein from Animals that eat vegetation (grass fed)
    3. Treats – dark chocolate, raw almonds and raisins.
      Beverage choices – Water, green tea, other herbal teas,  freshly made (within 15 minutes) vegetable and fruit juices. One cup of coffee is allowed, if needed. If you want alcohol – your choices are Red wine or stout beer.
    4. Spices – Ginger, turmeric, garlic, rosemary, oregano – tinctures/extracts and supplements are available for the Ginger, garlic and Turmeric.

This type of eating naturally suppresses pro-inflammatory processes and, so can be viewed as an anti-inflammatory diet.

NOTE: grains, dairy and soy are not part of this ideal diet, but if you consume these, they should be no more than in a condiment fashion and only occasional. These foods are Inflammatory in nature.
Supplements – Multivitamin, magnesium (400-1000mg/day), calcium (400-1000mb/day), EPA/DHA (1-3 grams/day), co-enzyme Q 10 (100 mg/day), Vit D or 15 minutes of sunshine (body exposure) per day.
These anti-inflammatory suggestions apply to people with back pain, fatigue, arthritis, heart disease, osteoporosis, aging, and most other conditions. 

The approach is general and directed at reducing the diet-induced pro-inflammatory state.
We create inflammation in three main ways:
(1) Eating an inflammatory diet;
(2) Lack of exercise or too much exercise, and
(3) Mental/emotional-driven stress. 

This means that most of us are chronically inflamed prior to injury, and also prior to the seemingly insidious onset of inflammation that we feel in our joints.

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Dedicating herself to the total health and well-being of each individual patient
, Dr. Bonnie Travis offers primary health care services through modern Chiropractic healing methods.

Techniques include: gentle and non-force according to the individual patient's needs. Services include spinal manipulation, physical therapy modalities, diet, nutritional, herbal and hormonal counseling.

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