General Facts about Fibroids

Fibroid tumors (commonly called uterine fibroids) are benign growths within the walls of the uterus. Fibrocystic tissue can also develop in the breasts.

Most women are unaware that they may have fibroids unless other procedures or examinations incidentally find them.

Fibroid tumors in the uterus are sensitive to estrogen in the body. The more estrogen, or estrogen like (xenoestrogen) substances in your body, the more the fibroids will grow.

30-50 percent of the women over 30 in the United States have fibroid tumors.

Fibroids aren't necessarily a health risk, they very rarely are cancerous, and unless they are causing an extreme amount of bleeding, or infertility, the fibroids don't necessarily need to be surgically removed. If surgery is required, it isn't always necessary to remove the uterus.

In the years preceding menopause, there are large fluctuations in the hormonal levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. These fluctuations can have differing effects, depending on which hormone is up, down or just out of balance with the others. It is common to find that women who experience fibroid tumors have estrogen dominance (a term coined by Dr. John Lee, MD) in relation to their progesterone, thus promoting the growth of the fibroid. Dr. Lee advises, in chapter 16 of his book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Pre-menopause" to balance the estrogen with progesterone.

It is also a known fact that fibroid tumors atrophy (get smaller and smaller) as estrogen levels drop after menopause.

Cleansing and supporting your female system is vital to having success in reducing the size of, or eliminating the fibroid. Using herbal tinctures and teas that cleanse the liver and support the female system are recommended.

The herbs Vitex, Red Raspberry, Lady's Mantle, and Yarrow ( all traditionally used for the female system) will help to bring your body back into balance.

Seek guidance from an herbalist or a naturopathic physician for the proper doses and usage of these wonderful herbs.

Reducing your intake of dairy, red meats (non-organic), coffee (non-organic) and increasing the amounts of fiber in vegetables (organic) is extremely important.

If there is pain involved with the Fibroids, then Dr. Casey's castor oil packs several times per week for 30 minutes will help.

Detoxifying the liver and exercise will help the body to get rid of the excess estrogen and other toxins in the body that may be interfering with your balance.

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