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Natural help for Endometriosis (Testimonial)


Hi Dr. Bonnie. Here is my testimony.

"I have struggled with endometriosis for over 10 years. It's been very painful and frustrating."

After many different medical procedures and treatments throughout these years, I decided in 2002 I was going to try something different. When I mentioned it to Dr. Bonnie one day, she suggested I try the Natural Progesterone Cream.

I was a little nervous but decided I couldn't be any worse off than I already was, so I began using the cream in June of 2002. I stopped taking birth control pills for my endometriosis and gave 110% to the Natural Progesterone Cream.

According to the literature Dr. Bonnie had given me, it was clear it would take up to 6 months before really noticing a whole lot of difference. Well, in about 5 months I started feeling relief from the pain, and my monthly cycles became more regular. After about 7 months, I was feeling better than I ever had with any of the medical treatments.

One of the side effects of endometriosis for me was the inability to conceive children without the help of medical professionals. I am blessed with two wonderful kids, but had to have extensive surgeries and such to conceive them. Around October 2002, my husband and I decided that we would like to have one more child. I really wanted this but was very reluctant to go through everything I had to do previously to get pregnant. Not only is it painful and invasive, but very expensive.

After being on the Progesterone Cream for 8 months, taking whole food supplements and lots of prayer, I am now happily 4 months pregnant and am so grateful to have conceived completely naturally without any medical intervention.

I do plan on going back on the cream after the baby is born to help control my endometriosis.

I am very thankful that I gave the progesterone cream a try and would definitely recommend it to anyone searching for an alternative to medical treatments for endometriosis."
Becca - Fortuna, California



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